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Layout Editor Introduction
In this movie we introduce the SiteKreator Pro Layout Editor - a quick overview of the interface and a walk-through the Layout Editor building blocks. We create a very simple layout showing the principles of building your site design grid and styles.

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Style Editor Introduction
An overview of the SiteKreator Pro Style Editor - interface panels, concept of properties definition. We review how particular styles are selected and defined, as well as variations of certain elements.

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Block Elements Basics

Explanation of how margins, paddings, background and border are applied on an element.

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Background Image Options

A demo of the different options for the background image property.

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Page Header Images

Tutorial for the set up of client editable page images. Illustrating the flexibility of nesting elements inside the page image.

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Styling the Main Navigation

In this movie we illustrate the styling options for the main navigation.

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Creating a Simple Site Design

Tutorial showing the creation of a simple web site design. We build the layout, styles for texts and navigations and add a page image.

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Customizing Stock Designs

With SiteKreator Pro you can jump-start your design process by using one of the stock SiteKreator designs as a base for your customization and achieve a completely custom look. Read more...

Creating Page Image Libraries

This tutorial explains the creation of custom page image libraries or how to use the default page image libraries that come with SiteKreator. Read more...

Page Layouts Explained

Details about creating, using and deleting multiple page layouts in a design. Read more...

Color Themes Explained

How to add, edit and delete color themes in the SiteKreator Pro Style Editor. Read more...

Content Elements Explained

A description of the different types of content elements (content areas, navigation panels, etc), their properties and uses. Read more...

Internet Explorer 6 Compatibility

An article dealing with the compatibility issues for IE6 and way to overcome them. Read more...

Rounded Corners

Description of CSS and Image implementation of rounded corners. Read more...

Layout Configurations

In this tutorial we look at some of the popular design layout configurations like fixed-width panel, 2-column designs, etc. and how to implement their layout inside the Layout Editor. Read more...

Styling Sections & Tabs

This article explains the different parts of the sections and tabs in SiteKreator. Read more...

Collapsible Panel

In this tutorial we introduce the Collapsible Panel. Notes on how to create it, style it and use it. Read more...

Horizontally Flexible Designs

How to create horizontally flexible designs, that either flow with the browser width or adjust according to wide content added inside the site body. Read more...

Page Image Slideshow

Configure your design to support the SiteKreator Page Image Slideshow and customize its appearance. Read more...